Adam Tregaskis

Head of Retail

Adam Tregaskis has been working in retail his entire career since working in-house for home shopping brands after graduation and as an agency account handler since 2001. Adam has a keen understanding of what drives shoppers to act at all touch-points, with specialism in advertising, in-store and packaging. Adam leads his team to deliver projects from initial strategic development through creative design and finally implementation, in-time and on-budget, of course!

My Favourite

As an outdoor enthusiast, I’m a big fan of Snow and Rock. Combined with Cycle Surgery and Runners Need, all typically found in a single store, they offer everything I need. With an expansive range of products, regular seasonal updates and expert advice from enthusiastic staff, I find a visit where I can interact with the product a much more rewarding experience than shopping online.

And, when it comes to purchase, they even suggest price matching on your behalf to ensure you get a really good deal. Perfect.


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