Colin Talbot

Content Director

Colin has spent the last 10 years working with some of the world’s most well-known Tech, Retail and FMCG brands. As an early adopter of using social media as a marketing tool, he uses his audience first approach to develop content marketing strategies that allow brands to nurture their customers towards sale and ultimately become advocates of their products and services. His ambition in life is to rid social media of terrible branded content.

My Favourites


I love technology and gadgets so it’d be easy to say Apple, and I am a massive advocate of their brand. But I do have a soft spot for Sony. They’re the reason the consumer tech industry is what it is today. They invented quality music on the go with the Walkman and Discman. They invented HD and 4K visualisation and made it accessible en masse. They, believe it or not, build the lenses that go into Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhones…and let’s not forget that they still pioneer the way in gaming with Playstation.


Being a lover of fashion as well as an easy and clean customer journey, are easily my favourite national brand. They’ve really understood how customers buy online and the issues they may face by not being allowed to try on clothes first.


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