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Dorina D’Ambrosio spent her former years as a director at McCann Erickson, working on brands and retailers including Coca-Cola, Scholl, Clarks, Magnet, Sony Card and Durex. She now provides the inspiration, creative leadership and her own special ‘Dorina’ magic to The Market clients. A shopaholic through and through, she intuitively knows how to influence a shopper through persuasive design and advertising. If you meet her ask her anything about, Selfridges she’s an expert!

“Apple, because have they one look and completely own it. I love the simplicity of their photography and consistency of their advertising. You see something by Apple and you know it’s by Apple.”

“There’s nothing about John Lewis that I don’t like! I love their Christmas campaigns and look forward to them every year. Their Design Project series is so innovative, and the online experience is just as wonderful as the instore experience. You walk into a John Lewis store and you know where you are. Plus, you have an automatic trust in every field they expand into, whether it’s glasses or holidays.”

“Scarcity because personally, I’d always try to buy something of quality because it adds to the value. And if it’s limited edition, even better.”


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