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Business Administrator

Emma Martin has spent the last few years gaining a qualification in Business Administration by completing an apprenticeship. Emma is still studying to gain her Level 4 in Business Administration whilst she is working full time. She has a passion to progress in whatever way she can.

Emma’s favourite brand:
“I love everything MAC do. They have a wide range of make-up and you can find every colour you could possibly think of. The in store experience is brilliant, they match your foundation perfectly and I always feel like I’ve got more than I went in for when I visit. They know their audience really well too, doing collaborations with celebrities like Mariah Carey and Rihanna.”

Emma’s favourite retailer:
“I can always find something I want on Boohoo. They’re the only online retailer I visit when I need something for the next day.”

Emma’s favourite Behavioural Theory is…
“Authority, because I always like to check that my skincare products have been tested by experts before I buy them.”


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