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Garrick Middleton developed his wide range of skills during his time at top regional agencies. Producing everything from ad campaigns to websites, glossy magazines to video production, animation to promotional DM, he worked with brands like Michelin, NASA and Soreen. He previously worked as a Senior Designer for gyro, Manchester, with clients such as Les Mills and Salford University.

“I have to say it’s Red Bull – health issues aside – as their ability to embody a daring attitude, energy and skill whilst having such an impact on bringing about the golden age of extreme sports has to be admired. They’re the kings of content, with the Red Bull Air Race and Formula One, as well as sponsoring cyclist, Danny MacAskill, and putting his stunts online. Their social content and engagement is out of this world. Shame I’m a Mercedes F1 fan…”

“I’m going to cheat here and say Leek high-street. It’s full of local stores, from food to clothing and it’s great to see independent stores still thriving. It’s even supported by Totally Locally, which is a shop local movement supporting independent retailers.”

“Scarcity. I’m a bit of a collector of cult memorabilia and have recently sold some rare vinyls, so it’s something I’m very familiar with. The perceived scarcity of an item is a huge driving force in my purchasing and it’s also something some brands do very well by purposefully not producing enough products to keep up with demand – thus raising value.”


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