Lexy Woolley

Account Manager

Lexy Woolley has just over 3 years experience working on predominantly promotional, shopper, digital, mobile and experiential marketing campaigns for a range of clients including Boots, Kellogg’s, ACCO and O2 to name but a few.

My Favourite

Any of the Inditex owned brands – particularly Zara and Stradivarius. As well as their affordable clothing and the aesthetics of the store, I also love the images they use for their in-store POS and website. They are always photographed in a way that makes the clothing look really premium and as if it would fit perfectly within a high end editorial.

Missguided (slightly cheating as they now have concessions and stores too – sorry!). The fun, sassy and very tongue-in-cheek tone of voice is perfect for their audience. The website is easy to navigate and their Snapchat stories, Instagram stories and the “Swipe to Hype” feature of their app (think Tinder for clothes) make it quick, easy and enjoyable to find and purchase items you like too.


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