Behavioural economics enables us to understand the irrational decision making of people in your market

At The Market Creative we have been shaping behaviour for our clients since 2006 and we are increasingly convinced that applying an understanding of behavioural economics is the route to the most effective, engaging, and compelling content for brands.

The reality is we all buy brands due to an irrational loyalty or association, and we discriminate against others because we have predetermined they are not for us. But what is influencing this behaviour and what can brands do to change the way we act?

What is behavioural economics?

Originating in the 1960’s, behavioural economics is a blend of psychology and economics. It provides valuable insights into why individuals are not behaving or making decisions in their own best interests. Behavioural economics is a huge subject containing 175 biases and heuristics (shortcuts) that explain the choices we make and how they are influenced.

A powerful thought...

"Outsized results for undersized investments"

Richard Thaler
Noble Prize Winner and Professor of
Behavioural Science and Economics

How we harness the power of behaviour

We give you unrivalled understanding of your audience by uncovering behavioural insights, using the latest observation, context and questioning research techniques. These are either commissioned by us or gleaned through your existing research. These behavioural insights form part of the inputs into TM.BE – our behavioural opportunities model.

Introducing TM.BEOur Behavioural Opportunities Model.

Using behavioural economics to understand consumer behaviour is not new to marketers, but the growing complexity of the subject means its application is limited.

So we created a proprietary model that enabled us to simplify Behavioural Economics to seven overriding themes of behaviour, which are most impactful to marketing communications. Here’s what our TM.BE delivers.

TM.BE identifies opportunities

Our model identifies the opportunities to influence the behaviours that affect people’s decisions towards businesses, brands and products. From the research insight we create a behavioural map showing three core dimensions which reflect the behavioural biases in a marketplace: audience, brand and competitor.

TM.BE unlocks growth

Identifying insights is one thing (we’re all trying to cope with data overload) but creating growth strategies is another. And TM.BE unlocks unique brand territories that are rooted in behavioural economics.

TM.BE delivers impactful creative

TM.BE gives us clear direction for strategies to nudge action and greater breadth of creative ideas. In doing this we create greater opportunities for brands to connect more meaningfully and effectively with their customers.

How our TM.BE behavioural opportunities model works.

TM.BE in action

Biases - Our favourites.

The Behavioural Economics Series.

Want to know more about how people are behaving in your category?

We’ll plot the observable behaviour for you, just fill in your details below.

Want to know more about how people are behaving in your category?

We’ll plot the observable behaviour for you, just fill in your details below.