Create a bespoke new retail concept and in-store communications kit for New Balance


New Balance approached us with a brief to create a bespoke new retail concept and in-store communications kit for their Summer Sale, that fit with their existing Always in Beta positioning.

Shaping shopper behaviour

Behavioural insight: Relentlessly driven

Every year New Balance has a Summer sale which runs universally across their stores across the UK and Europe. But so does every other retailer. We therefore had to create an idea that was as compelling as it was engaging and that would make people consider New Balance in a way they hadn’t previously.


We tapped in to the New Balance brand pillar of ‘relentlessly driven’ and arrived on the insight that when athletes want something, they go and get it – without hesitation, no question. And the New Balance Summer Sale is the perfect opportunity to get the items you really want as well.


The ‘Want it. Get it Sale’ incorporates New Balance’s overarching brand design along with a vibrant red and the distinctive boxes that hold the words ‘Want it Get it.’ The campaign included window branding, in-store posters, security shrouds, price tickets and apparel tags.

Driving success

The Want it Get it summer sale saw store traffic increase by 280% and the number of units sold increase by 300%, compared with the Winter Sale period.

Driving results

Creating a bespoke new retail concept and in-store communications kit for New Balance.

Compared with the Winter Sale period.



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