Transforming Sharps business with behavioural economics



Sharps are the UK’s largest fitted bedroom brand and target growth in revenue year on year. The marketing team at Sharps works with The Market Creative to drive potential customers to make an appointment with one of Sharps Home Designers.

Shaping shopper behaviour

We lack objectivity when considering options – we choose based on context; comparison to other options and relative price, availability and scarcity

When examining why people do or don’t buy your product, it’s impossible to do that without understanding the context of their buying decision. The marketing and advertising approach you take will vary wildly depending on whether your brand or product is the most expensive or the cheapest, if there’s 1 competitor or hundreds, or whether it’s available only on Tuesdays or 24/7.

To drive Sharps advertising approach we conducted extensive research to identify the customer journey for those looking to buy bedroom furniture. We also clearly defined the strengths and weaknesses of the brands that Sharps compete with and the companies that sell alternatives to fitted wardrobes.

The insights that our research uncovered informed the brand strategy we developed for Sharps. With the brand proposition of ‘Beautiful Organisation’ we had space to use the framing behavioural tool to show how a Sharps fitted bedroom will make your life more beautifully organised, rather than just talking about how they sell amazing wardrobes.

A key part of the advertising mix is Sharps TV commercial. To bring Beautifully Organised to life, we used the temptation behavioural bias, showing how the Sharps wardrobes are designed and built to transform a room into a beautifully organised, aspirational bedroom.

Embracing the goal dilution behavioural bias, the call to action in the advert is only for the first step in the process, to find your nearest showroom or to book your free home design visit.

Driving success

Since its launch, the ‘Transformation’ TV advert has been the key element in Sharps advertising campaign, delivering the reach required for a national brand.

Sharps advertising has delivered year on year double digit growth in appointment numbers for home design visits.

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