Top trends driving consumer behaviour

In this report we’ll take you through the top consumer trends that will have the greatest impact on your business in the coming years. We’ve homed in on the world of behavioural economics to explain the behaviours that sit behind them. More importantly we’ll share ideas on how people’s behaviours can be influenced to create growth, engagement and commercial success.

We’d all probably agree, now more than ever is the time to embrace the power of behavioural-thinking to connect on a deeper and richer level with customers.

3 key take-outs from the report:

  • The 10 behavioural trends shaping tomorrow’s consumers
  • The behavioural economics behind the trends
  • Tips for how to apply behavioural thinking to your business

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At The Market Creative, we put behaviour-led thinking into action to create meaningful and impactful brand experiences and communication that drive growth, acceptance, commitment and action.

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