Many agencies will tell you they are insight-led. But when you explore the areas that we do, in as much depth as we do, then you know that we really mean it!

To understand how to shape shopper behaviour, we must first fully understand it. And not just understand the shopper, but the business, the competition and the market. Each area we explore has a number of tools which we can be tailored to your business, making sure we gather every of inch of insight that's relevant to you.

Your business

A view from an internal and external perspective – including board and shop floor interviews.


Analysis of your brand versus others competing with as well as inspirational brands that we can learn from.

Shopper behaviour

Getting under the skin of how shoppers behave as well as understanding how they think and feel about brands.

The Market

Understanding market dynamics, norms, trends and the future state.

Media landscape

Analysed to understand noise and activity in the marketplace as well as opportunities to exploit.

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